• The Contract for the Project was signed between World Bank and COWI Joint Venture on 7th October 2014
  • The Team Leader (David Heywood) mobilised for the Project on 15th October 2014 and visited the Serbian Focal Point for the Project on 17th October 2014
  • The Team Leader and CeS COWI Managing Director (Dragan Milic) visited the focal points in the DRB riparian states between 28th and 30th October:
    • Mr Nenad Djukic and Mr Varinka Maric MAFWM RS
    • Mr Bosco Kenjic (MOFTER), Esena Kuposovic (Hydromet) and Amer Kavazovic (for Enes Alagic) for the Sava River Watershed Agency and
    • Assistant Minister Velizar Vojinovic and Mr Momcilo Blagojevic (MARD).

CeS COWI Managing Director discussing the Project at MOFTER 29-10-14  Team Leader and Assistant Minister Vojinovic discussing the Project at MARD 30-10-14