Reka Drina u Višegradu 

The key issues and highlights of the project can be summarised as follows:

  • COWI will be overall responsible for the total project performance and will cooperate with JV partners STUCKY SA and JCI as well as with sub-consultant that together will provide international, regional and local expertise, local management, administration and support, translation services, etc.

  • The JV Consultant’s experience in the three riparian countries on review extends back for more than 50 years. This relative long-term involvement has given the JV an intimate knowledge of the culture and working conditions in the Drina Basin. In particular, the JV Consultant has experience related to various studies of the Drina river basin management.

  • In performance of services the JV Consultant utilises the most advanced state-of-the-art approaches, technologies and methods thus providing the best quality and high level of the final product. i

  • While selecting project staff, we have based our choice on their professional experience, and qualifications and our proposed key staff candidates are highly qualified in respect of years of experience and professional capacity.


The Project being undertaken by the Consultant has 11 main tasks as follows:

  • Project Management and Coordination

  • Inception

  • River Basin Assessment

  • Institutional and Legal Assessment

  • Hydrologic Simulation Model Development

  • Baseline and Future Scenario Development

  • Inventory of Changes

  • Multi-Criteria Analysis of Development Options

  • River Basin Data Management

  • Capacity Building and Training

  • Stakeholder Consultation and Organisation


Major Deliverables include:

  • Inception report,

  • IWRM/RBMP at country level and at basin level,

  • Hydrologic model,

  • Investment Prioritisation Framework,

  • Public Consultation Report and

  • Drina River Basin Roof Report


This information is portrayed in the diagram below.