Established in 1926 in Switzerland, Stucky Ltd is an engineering consultancy firm specialised in Energy and Water, particularly, in dams and hydropower. Since 2013, Stucky has been a member of the Gruner Group (established in1862), the largest infrastructure consultancy in Switzerland, with over 1’000 engineers and specialised staff.  Stucky is active worldwide, with headquarters in Renens, Switzerland and branch and sites offices in several countries.

The engineers in charge for this project are well used to working in the area, with various projects on-going or recently completed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

Stucky has a strong experience in hydraulic and hydropower projects, covering a full range of services from master plans, feasibility studies, design, procurement to work supervision, including specialised domains such as water basin management, flood protection and hydrological studies.


 Stucky organization

Technical and managerial capabilities of the firm

Stucky’s main activities:

  • Water and natural risks management, flood protection
  • River training and environmental engineering
  • Restoration of natural environments related to rivers and water resources
  • Hydraulic schemes and water transfers
  • Double-curvature arch dams, gravity dams (concrete, RCC, hollow gravity and buttress dams), earthfill and rock-fill dams (clay core and CFRD).
  • Tunnels and underground structures
  • Power plants (hydro-electrical and thermal)
  • Power transmission (lines, substations and control systems)

The engineers and technicians work in multidisciplinary teams integrating all necessary expertise:

  • Civil engineering (including static and dynamic numerical modelling, instrumentation and structural monitoring)
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering (including hydromechanics, electro-mechanics and control systems)
  • Geo-technics, geology and rock mechanics
  • Applied hydraulics, Hydrology
  • Environmental engineering
  • Sustainable development
  • Economic and financial studies

Activities of Stucky in Water and Environment

At its Water and Environment Department in Renens, Switzerland, as well as in its branch offices, Stucky has multidisciplinary teams including hydrologists, hydraulic engineers, environmental specialists and engineers which design and lead the implementation of projects in the following fields:

  • Hydrological studies for the determination of environmental flows, usable water resources, flood discharges and hydrographs
  • Flood and debris flow hazard assessments including hazard mapping, based on 1D and 2D hydraulic modelling with and without sediment transport
  • Flood protection measures including flood retention, deviation, river bed capacity enhancements
  • Master plans for water resource management, river restoration and flood control
  • River restoration (revitalization, sediment transport restoration, fish migration restoration)

Quality Management and Certifications

Stucky is certified for:

ISO 9001:2008 - Quality management system

ISO 14001:2004 - Environmental management system

OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational Health and Safety management system

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