The COWI Group of Companies is an independent multidisciplinary consulting service provider assisting Clients throughout the world in more than 80 years. Within that timeframe nearly 90,000 projects within 124 countries have been successfully completed. Presently the COWI Group is engaged in more than 17,000 on-going projects worldwide. With a turnover of Euro 708 million (2013), the COWI Group continues its position as one of the leading consulting companies in Northern Europe.


COWI key figures

To meet the growing requests from customers to look locally for international consultancy services, the COWI Group is organized in a close, mutually binding network - a One Company Network. The network includes three regions: Denmark, Norway and Sweden and one major business line - Bridge, Tunnel and Marine Structures. In addition to our three COWI regions and our major business line, COWI also consists of COWI CMC (emerging markets in China, Middle East and Central and Eastern Europe) together with a number of additional global business lines within mapping, airports, railways and hospital buildings. This organization ensures that all business units can draw on the entire Group's vast international expertise while working in close dialogue with the local/regional/global customers.

The COWI Group maintains 36 branch offices and affiliated offices in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.


COWI organization

The basis of the COWI Group strategy is the provision of a combination of multidisciplinary services to local markets and specialists services to the global market. In local and regional markets, COWI offers the full gamut of its services. Reflecting these multidisciplinary services, international professional networks have been established across the COWI regions. These business networks operate as one company network across geographies and cultures to the benefit of our customers, employees and provided services.


COWI core business and organization

COWI thus can provide all the services required to undertake interdisciplinary projects within consulting engineering and planning disciplines - from professional advice on a particular problem to comprehensive overall project management. Interdisciplinary projects are planned and implemented according to an integrated approach, which involves not only the traditional engineering services but also environmental science, economy, financing, sociology, legal aspects, institution building, training and transfer of technology.

The primary objective of COWI is to supply the customer with professional services of the highest quality. Our technical competence is constantly maintained and expanded in order to respond to the development of the disciplines and the latest technologies. Quality in COWI is achieved by committed, highly motivated members of the staff who understand the customer's expectations and needs. COWI's impartiality and the ability of our employees to cooperate across the organisation contribute to the attainment of the quality.