These projects have been prepared and reviewed in close consultation with stakeholders from the three riparian countries, as well as with the International Sava River Basin Commission (ISRBC).

For example, an important recommendation from the WBFDI is that flood risk management should not be isolated from the other water management issues in the Basin. Hence the integrated river basin management approach is necessary to be implemented in order to support sustainable development. In essence this is the rationale for the preparation of the Drina RBMP or country equivalent documentation and associated studies.

Such documentation will:

  • Enable basin strategies to be devised that support national and regional economic and social development objectives, e.g., for energy, environment and tourism.
  • Clarify through analysis the trade-offs between different investment choices, e.g. between hydropower maximization and environment.
  • Identify win-win solutions, e.g. where new and existing reservoirs can produce hydropower, and at the same time store water to mitigate droughts and floods; or where re-creation of flood plains encourages wildlife and fisheries and at the same time stores floodwater in groundwater aquifers.

Hence the overall objective of this project is to support more effective water resources management in the Drina river basin with a special focus on flood and drought mitigation, and hydropower and environmental management, based on “best available technology” and “best management practices” within the framework of integrated water resource management (i.e. through EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) and other EU water related directives)

The JV Partners understand that this project will contribute to the improvement of the existing plans and strategies that would result in identification of the priority operational and investment interventions.

The JV Partners also understand that the Project would provide necessary support to the water management authorities in BiH, Montenegro and Serbia for the preparation of the country reports for IWRM and the associated Investment Prioritization Framework leading to the preparation of a Drina Roof Report which would assist for the preparation of a RBMP or country equivalent document. The RBMP is a requirement of the EU WFD that needs to be made for the next 6 years both for international and national watercourses and is undertaken in accordance with the respective countries Water Laws, EU water policy in general, and the EU WFD and Floods Directive in particular. This will include a program of necessary measures that will have to be identified for implementation.